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Creating a More Sustainable Elephant

The Elephant & Castle’s forest of mature trees situated within the Heygate estate development envelope is a high priority for local residents. We recognise the value of retaining this vast expanse of trees and green space, and are exploring alternative development principles which involve retention of the forest.

Proposals will explore the creation of a strategic network of green links between the E&C urban forest and Victory Park - Salisbury Row Park - Nursery Row Park - Surrey Square Park and Burgess Park to the South. Green links will also be forged connecting the whole network to Bankside Urban Forest in the North of the Borough. This will create a green-link network which stretches all the way from Burgess Park to the South Bank, providing a much needed cycle and pedestrian route all the way from Peckham to the river.

The forest will be protected and managed as fully accessible to the public. There will be a high level of resident involvement through the formation of a friends of forest group, and it will be a registered community asset developed through community ownership.

Salisbury Row Park

Nursery Row Park

Surrey Square