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Creating a More Sustainable Elephant

Better Elephant is a community-led group campaigning for a more equitable and sustainable regeneration of the Elephant & Castle.

“The deal with Lend Lease amounts to little more than throwing Heygate residents out of their homes and building new luxury housing which they won’t be able to afford.”

We believe that the current development model being proposed by developers Lend Lease is not socially or environmentally sustainable and has become outdated. It was conceived more than 15 years ago and fails to address the new global challenges of climate change and the current housing crisis. We are looking into more environmentally, socially and economically sustainable proposals, and exploring alternatives to the callous displacement of long-standing communities in functional housing estates for the sake of mere land-value uplift.

The new Localism Act that was passed on November 15 2011, introduced new rights and powers to allow local communities to shape local planning developments by preparing neighbourhood plans.

Better Elephant is currently involved in drafting a neighbourhood plan for the Elephant & Castle area, which explores alternatives to full-scale transfer of public land and housing to the private sector. Our proposals explore community-led planning and development schemes, which help face the challenge of huge development pressure and ensure benefits for the existing residents, existing businesses and existing groups. Anyone interested in the future of our neighbourhood and environment, is invited to get involved and share in our inspiring vision of a grass-roots regeneration.